Gold Happiness Necklace

18kt Gold Necklace adorned with Calligraphy, Sapphires, Diamonds, and the Evil Eye.

Calligraphy Necklace

Sterling Silver Calligraphy Necklace.

Wrap-around Tassel Necklace

18kt Gold beaded wrap-around tassel Necklace adorned with precious stones.

Tribal Collar

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver Tribal Collar adorned with London Bue Topaz and Sapphire stones.

Drop Shaped Necklace

18kt Gold Limited Edition Necklace adorned with drop shaped Smokey Topaz stones.

Adjustable Lariat Necklace

18 Kt Gold and Sterling silver adjustable lariat necklace 

Hand and Coin Necklace

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver necklace adorned with 0.21ct Sapphires and 0.09ct Diamonds.

Also available in Pearl, Champagne Diamonds, and Diamonds

Tahiya Necklace

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver necklace.

The Snake Necklace
18 Kt Gold and Sterling Silver "Snake" Necklace adorned with calligraphy and precious stones.
The Faith Necklace
18 Kt Gold and Sterling Silver beaded necklace adorned with Islamic coin
The Peacock
18kt Gold and Sterling Silver statement Peacock Collar
The Seal of Solomon Necklace
18 kt Gold and Sterling Silver T-Lock classic necklace adorned with calligraphy, semi precious stones and Pave Diamonds
Body Paint Necklace
Sterling silver and 18 kt gold long necklace inspired by body art used in south western Ethiopia and african geometric motifs.
Statement Beaded Necklace
Sterling Silver and 18 kt Gold beaded necklace adorned with African motifs- inspired units and colorful african stones.
Wings Collar
A Masterpiece engraved in cosmic muses, featuring Pharaonic Wings, in 18kt gold and sterling silver.
Silver Winged Necklace
Silver scarab and winged necklace